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  Biz Spotlight: Mary Bauer, President of Bratt Decor

I am a woman of many passions, and chief among them is my love of family. When my husband, Stephen, and I were expecting our first child, we were both over joyed, overwhelmed. Both Stephen and I love design, and were not satisfied with what was available in the marketplace for furnishings. So, we designed a beautiful wrought iron baby crib, and that was the beginning of our business, Bratt Decor, and our family. 

This company is so tied to my heart. It draws on my love of art and design, and the miraculous time in one’s life when they become a parent. I don’t believe there’s any other single event that changes a person like loving and caring for your own child. I get to work with my husband every day, and together we put reflections of our definition of beauty into the world. It’s a really good job. 

We began our company in 1995. But, being an entrepreneur is something both Stephen and I have been since forever. I started my first company at the age of 13, “Mary’s cleaning, babysitting and dog walking service”, and Stephen ran a disco when he was 16. I think there’s an unbridled wildness at the heart of a true entrepreneur. It’s not something you become, it’s something you are. 

As any entrepreneur will tell you, it’s a rocky road, filled with highs and lows. One major high happened in December of 1997. While we began our company in 1995, the first 2 years were really research, development, testing, etc. Making cribs has a steep learning crib. But by Spring of 1997 we were stocked and ready for sale. The response was slow but consistent and people loved our fresh take on what nursery furniture could be. Stephen and I happened to be visiting New York for the holidays, and we decided to walk past a little boutique that had recently purchased a few of our designs. There in the window, on Madison Ave, was the most breathtaking display. Our wrought iron basinet, all draped in toile and glitz, glamor and gold, was centered in the middle of a snowy scene, filled with magic. There were beautiful children playing, and everything was white and gold. I actually cried, and thought, hey, if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere. It was one of those magic moments. 

We are faced with so many challenges, especially within the last 3 years. Ours is a designer brand, and we are sold primarily to small, designer boutiques. The economy over the last couple of years has wreaked havoc on these small businesses, with about 25% of them going out of business. Also, within the last 2 years there has been major reform in crib regulations as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which result in major, expensive retesting and redevelopment. We’ve been hit on both ends, reduced sales and much greater expenses. We’ve re structured, and rebounded, but it has not been easy. 

This company was founded on family, and family has always been a priority. I’ve found that if you’re going to keep your sanity as working mother, you have to priorities and good systems in place. We’ve set up our business so that is totally accessible anywhere in the world via the internet so that I can physically be with the kids from the time they get home from school. I leave work everyday at about 2:45 and pick the boys up. Once home, I work for about another hour pretty steadily, and the kids decompress from a long day. I try and cook dinner most days, and we eat together around the table. I want to be present and not miss a thing. Every choice has consequences, and I think my dedication to the kids has cost me some progress with Bratt Decor. We haven’t grown as big or as quickly as many others, but in my eyes, we’re a huge success. 

As a designer of furnishings and interiors, I get to put out into the world what I see as beautiful. It’s a very personal and unique experience. I would advise anyone seeking to become a designer, to really know their own voice, what they love and believe to be true and communicate that through their work. We hear over and over again that our designs don’t look like all the others, and that’s because what we do is completely of us, drawing on our experiences, loves and passions. We’re not looking around at what sells and trying to do that. I don’t believe that you can be successful doing that.

Written by: Kim Flynn




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When designing your nursery start with the crib then add the other accessories like changing tables, armoires, crib bedding, sheets, rugs, lighting, and accessories to complete the look you want in your baby’s room. Luxury, style, and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of Bratt Decor design and will transform your baby’s room into something spectacular. Baby rooms, nurseries, and baby spaces are sacred spaces and deserve your best. Our designer infant furnishings and decor offer a variety of luxury designer cribs including wrought iron cribs, oval cribs, convertible cribs, four poster cribs, canopy cribs, sleigh cribs, lifetime cribs, and gorgeous carved wood cribs. Our newest crib, the Parisian is an iron crib design which converts from a traditional iron baby bed, to a four poster version, and a canopy. All of our cribs convert, some to toddler beds or daybeds and the lifetime to a full size bed. Additionally our oval/round sleep systems, start as a cradle and then convert to a standard crib and toddler bed and exude contemporary elegance. Chelsea collection includes a sleigh crib which coverts to a toddler bed, a lifetime crib that converts from a crib to a full bed, in both iron and wood, a gorgeous oval crib, the Darling, which starts as a cradle goes to a crib and then a toddler bed. Other accessories in the Chelsea collection by Bratt Decor include armoire, night stand, 7 drawer dresser/changer and darling oval dresser/changer and bookcase. We also offer a variety of finishes to fit your look. This collection has everything you need to complete your baby room with style and sophisticated design. J’adore, our newest crib, is a round crib, wrought iron design, that grows with your baby. The Casablanca premiere is a gorgeous wrought iron crib with timeless appeal, and also converts to a toddler bed. This site offers you a dreamy journey into the world of elegance, style, and quality for your baby’s room. We offer beautiful baby bedding, custom crib bedding, lighting, nursing/rocking gliders and chairs and rugs to complete your nursery. We also have an exclusive line of crib mattresses designed for our cribs that fit like a glove. Bratt Decor has been making furnishings for baby since 1995 and are the gold standard in terms of safety, quality, and designer excellence in the nursery.