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Maintenance and Care
Your Bratt Decor furniture is designed and constructed to last for generations. Below are some simple tips on how to keep everything in excellent condition.
* Frequent dusting of your furniture will help maintain the luster of our painted finishes. Use a soft cotton cloth dampened with water to remove dust as needed. Wipe dry.

* Use common sense and don't place wet or hot objects on your wooden furniture. Use trivets and coasters to prevent damage, and wipe up spills promptly. Note: anything placed directly on the furniture (such as Playdoh) with a chemical compound can compromise the finish.

* Excessive or prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of your furniture and dry the wood. Use window coverings to prevent daily direct exposure of your furniture to the sun. If you leave objects on an uncovered wood surface, rotate them regularly to prevent dark or light spots.

* As part of natural aging, your wood furniture will typically develop a beautiful patina and undergo color changes, depending on the wood.

* Bratt Decor uses real wood. Wood is an organic substance, which means it will change over time. Slight cracking and warping are all part of the natural aging process and is not considered a manufacturer defect, but adds to the beauty and authenticity of the piece.


* Warning: If this crib is not purchased new, do not use it until you have contacted Bratt Decor, Inc. to find out if the crib conforms to the current safety standards.

* Once a week inspect the crib/cradle for any damaged hardware, loose joints, missing parts or sharp edges. Discontinue using the crib/cradle if any parts are missing or broken, contact Bratt Decor, Inc. for replacement parts if needed.

* Cleaning: if crib/cradle is dirty, wipe with a cloth dampened with warm water.

* Do not use solvents.

* Storage: store in a cool, dry climate controlled place. For more details, see below.

* Place the assembly instructions and the hex tool in the bag provided on the mattress support. You will need these assembly instructions every time you assemble this crib.

* Parents should ensure a safe environment for the child by checking regularly, before placing the child in the product, that every component is properly and securely in place.

When you are no longer using your Bratt Decor furniture, take care that the piece is stored in a moisture free environment. Proper preparation and packing is the key to ensuring your furniture retains its finish, shape and beauty until you wish to enjoy it again. Attics, basements, and garages may not be climate controlled and your wood furniture may absorb moisture causing excessive cracking and warping. Do not place objects on your furniture when storing that could cause damage. Keep all instructions and hardware with your furniture.



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When designing your nursery start with the crib then add the other accessories like changing tables, armoires, crib bedding, sheets, rugs, lighting, and accessories to complete the look you want in your baby’s room. Luxury, style, and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of Bratt Decor design and will transform your baby’s room into something spectacular. Baby rooms, nurseries, and baby spaces are sacred spaces and deserve your best. Our designer infant furnishings and decor offer a variety of luxury designer cribs including wrought iron cribs, oval cribs, convertible cribs, four poster cribs, canopy cribs, sleigh cribs, lifetime cribs, and gorgeous carved wood cribs. Our newest crib, the Parisian is an iron crib design which converts from a traditional iron baby bed, to a four poster version, and a canopy. All of our cribs convert, some to toddler beds or daybeds and the lifetime to a full size bed. Additionally our oval/round sleep systems, start as a cradle and then convert to a standard crib and toddler bed and exude contemporary elegance. Chelsea collection includes a sleigh crib which coverts to a toddler bed, a lifetime crib that converts from a crib to a full bed, in both iron and wood, a gorgeous oval crib, the Darling, which starts as a cradle goes to a crib and then a toddler bed. Other accessories in the Chelsea collection by Bratt Decor include armoire, night stand, 7 drawer dresser/changer and darling oval dresser/changer and bookcase. We also offer a variety of finishes to fit your look. This collection has everything you need to complete your baby room with style and sophisticated design. J’adore, our newest crib, is a round crib, wrought iron design, that grows with your baby. The Casablanca premiere is a gorgeous wrought iron crib with timeless appeal, and also converts to a toddler bed. This site offers you a dreamy journey into the world of elegance, style, and quality for your baby’s room. We offer beautiful baby bedding, custom crib bedding, lighting, nursing/rocking gliders and chairs and rugs to complete your nursery. We also have an exclusive line of crib mattresses designed for our cribs that fit like a glove. Bratt Decor has been making furnishings for baby since 1995 and are the gold standard in terms of safety, quality, and designer excellence in the nursery.