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Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers are intended to provide a barrier between your baby and their crib. Because cribs have pickets, small limbs can become entrapped in exposed pickets and leading to injury. However, recent recommendations concerning crib bumpers have caused a hotly debated conversation about their safety and usage. At this time (March 2016), the sale of crib bumpers have been banned in Maryland and Illinois following a recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Academy has concluded they carry a potential risk of suffocation, strangulation or entrapment. However, the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission has not banned their sale nationally, having found no safety issue with proper use and they are legal to purchase in the remaining 48 states. So, unless you live in Maryland or Illinois, the choice is yours. If you’d prefer a crib bumper, Bratt Decor offers gorgeous gorgeous crib bumpers in every imaginable color and fabric. For those boasting beautiful bows, the bows are on the outside, safely away from baby. For our lifetime cribs, Bratt Decor has a beautiful selection of 3 sided bumpers. The back panel of our lifetime cribs are left un bumpered, because it is a solid piece, there is no where to tie a center support. So, in that case, the bumper would cover the front gate and two sides of the crib. If you are not comfortable with a crib bumper, opt for a wonderful matching crib rail instead. Bratt Decor sells its baby crib bedding as separates, so if you love the look of any set, but don’t want a crib bumper, you can do that as well. Simply choose the skirt and sheet you like from the list. Make sure your crib bumper fits around the entire crib without sagging or gaps, have straps or ties at least in each corner and in the middle of each long side, and tie at both the top and bottom edges. Once your baby can pull up to a standing position, remove them.

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