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CONVERTIBLE BABY CRIB - The crib that grows with your child

When choosing your baby’s first bed, choosing a convertible baby crib is a very smart choice. When you opt for a convertible bed, you not only extend the longevity of the crib, which creates more value, but you put off more expensive purchases such as a full size bed or twin bed. Daybed and toddler kits are usually an optional item, but we highly recommend it. On average you can expect to pay $200 for this option. At minimum, you should look for a crib that will convert to either a toddler bed or a daybed. Babies are in their cribs an average of two and a half years, and they get very used to that space. It’s safe and familiar. Often transitioning out of the crib can be a stressful experience for your growing toddler. By simply adapting your baby crib to a toddler bed or daybed, you lessen the stress. Your child will still be surrounded by familiarity, but gain the independence of being able to get out of and into bed on their own. This is a great option and can also be a great value, because you are extending the life of your original purchase. Often, these cribs can be permanently set up into daybeds when your child transitions into a full size bed, and remain in your child’s room, as another seating option, which creates even more value. Some cribs start as a cradle and grow into a crib. Bratt Décor’s J’adore iron baby crib and Chelsea Darling crib are perfect examples of this. In fact, because of their amazing style and convertibility, we consider them oval sleep systems as opposed to just cribs. They are the most elegant, and sophisticated sleep systems on the market today. Be careful when opting for a cradle/crib combination that does not also have a daybed option because babies are in a cradle for a much shorter period of time, it is not the best bet for your money. If you choose to go this route, make sure the crib can also convert to a toddler or daybed. Both the J’adore and Darling convert all 3 ways, cradle, crib and then toddler bed. There are also cribs that convert to beds, either full size or twin size. Bratt Décor’s Chelsea lifetime and Hampton Lifetime convert so beautifully to a full size bed. Additionally, these cribs can also convert into a daybed, making each of them a 4 in 1 convertible crib. Many parents love this option, because it means they never have to change their child’s room. It will remain basically the same until the child leaves for college, with minor décor changes that happen inexpensively over time. Other parents don’t like this option for exactly the same reason. They want to change the room and give the child some say in décor as the child grows. Also, if you are planning on having more than one child, and are planning on reusing the crib, this option won’t make sense. There are also cribs that change from a standard version, to a four poster, to a canopy. Bratt Décor’s Parisian crib, for example does all of that. This is the perfect crib if you are planning on having more than one child and wish to re use the same crib. You can have an entirely different look for baby number 2 and number 3! Additionally, this amazing iron baby crib also offers both a toddler and daybed kit for each crib version.

When converting your baby crib to a daybed or toddler bed, you do not need to purchase an additional mattress. Your crib mattress will continue to fit as you convert. You will, most likely, be required to purchase an additional kit to convert, however. We highly recommend buying your conversion kits when you buy your baby crib. Some parents wait and are surprised and disappointed to hear their crib has been discontinued, or the finish they purchased is no longer available. Companies update their offerings, and because it can be years between a crib purchase and the transition to a toddler or daybed, its not unheard of for that additional conversion to no longer be available. Buy it at the time, and store it in a place that is climate controlled, to prevent warping or rusting.

Convertible cribs have many names such as lifetime, forever cribs, 3 in 1, 4 in 1, and Bratt Décor’s unprecedented 9 in 1 and the names can mean different things to different manufacturers. A three in one crib can mean, cradle/crib/daybed, or it can mean, crib/daybed/toddler bed. A four in one crib, could mean crib/daybed/toddler bed/full bed, or cradle/crib/toddler bed/twin bed. Bratt Décor’s Parisian is a 9 in 1 crib, because it offers 3 different looks for one price when you purchase the crib. You can set it up as a standard crib, or you can add the optional four posters, making it a four poster crib, or lastly you can add the canopy making it a canopy crib. And, with each of those 3 versions, you can add either a daybed kit or a toddler kit. That makes Bratt Décor’s Parisian crib, the most convertible crib on the market.

Convertible cribs are a very smart purchase. If you plan on purchasing a crib that converts, opt for a thicker, spring mattress when you buy your baby crib, because it will hold up better over time and be able to hold a heavier weight. When choosing your baby’s crib, weather it’s a convertible crib or not, take your time, do your research, and you will have great success in meeting your budget, time and style needs. There are so many choices available today. There are wood convertible cribs in every conceivable style and color. There are metal/iron convertible cribs, and even plastic. Convertible cribs are designed to grow with your child and keep the amazing look and feel you’ve spent so much time creating for your baby, throughout their growing years. Designing your baby’s nursery is a very special task, and with a little forethought, it can be super fun and very rewarding.

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