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Diane Farr Gets Ready For Baby and Check Out Her Bratt Buys!

Daine Farr returned from her June honeymoon in the Maldives with a special souvenier: a baby on the way! And it's a good thing: The star who plays FBI agent Megan Reeves on season two of the CBS hit Numb3rs, could hardly wait to start a family with her new hubby, marketing executive, Seung Chung. Seung got me an ovulation kit for Valentine's day, for months before we got married! Diane, 33, tells Life & Style.

Their baby boy is not due until March, but Diane, a former interior designer, already has the nursery finished, down to the last detail. Her favorite purchase? A metal crib. "It's antique gold and very simple, the most beautiful crib I've ever seen," says Diane. The angel cutout that rests behind it was a find at a yard sale 10 years ago.

As for the color scheme, the actress stayed away from the usual baby blue. "I don't love pastels, every time I went into a baby store, the only things I wanted were in cream", says Diane. Now she says, all that's left to do is have the baby: It will be such a great relief!

Captions: "The only thing I knew I didn't want in here was some huge pastel painting of a magic kingdom!"  says Diane of the adorable snug (but not frou frou) 5-by-14 nursery. "The dolls are from the Netherlands. You can't tell if they're boys or girls or what race they are", says Diane.

A deep-brown engraved dresser completes the room's chocolate-and-cream palette.

To honor the baby's multiracial heritage (she's Irish and Italian; her husband is Korean), Diane hung photographs she's taken of children all over the world.

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