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Bratt Decor FAQ's

Construction / Materials

Yes, you can find many helpful dimensions on the "details" tab for every crib on our website.

Our product line uses some MDF in it's construction and we utilize the highest grade, class E1 MDF, which meets the new California Standard for formaldehyde content.

1.) Irons cribs are extremely durable. They are heirloom pieces which will last from generation to generation.
2.) The extra-strength powder-coated finish is chip resistant and stands up to wear and tear better than wood finishes.
3.) Iron is water and fire resistant.
4.) Iron cribs are easy to assemble and disassemble and are very easy to store.
5.) Iron cribs blend seamlessly with existing furniture and are a beautiful accent to antiques.
6.) Metal is a renewable and sustainable resource.
7.) Iron allows for great artistic freedom. The designs can be molded and contoured into an infinite number of unique looks.
8.) Iron is great for both girl and boy. It is a great option for those parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby or who plan on using the crib through multiple pregnancies.
9.) Iron is an up and coming trend in the celebrity world. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have purchased the Bratt Decor Casablanca crib in Venetian Gold.
10.) Iron makes a big statement but is compact enough to fit into even the smallest of nurseries.
11.) Iron does not rot, splinter or crack.
12.) Iron cribs use round tubes with few to no sharp corners or edges.
13.) Every picket is welded rather than glued, providing an extremely durable product.
14.) Iron is extremely consistent, unlike wood, does not have knots or sap areas that are weaker.
15.) Iron holds up against abuse more than wood.
16.) Iron is not a "bite friendly" surface, and discouraging teething.

At this time, there is no government regulation of VOC's on furniture finishes. Bratt Decor uses lacquer based, non toxic paints.
VOC's: Volatile organic compounds are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. They are the evaporating solvents in the wet paint which evaporates during the drying process.

Formaldehyde a chemical that is found virtually everywhere, indoors and out, naturally occurring and man-made. It is widely used in furniture, paper products, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, fabric dyes and permanent-press fabrics, inks, disinfectants, air deodorizers and carpet deodorizers. Exposure to Formaldehyde is believed to cause cancer.

Contact Us

Simply click on the join our e-mail list on our front page and add your email address.

Bratt Decor, Inc
PO Box 65176
Baltimore, MD 21209

All billing/payments inquiries should be directed to:


Bratt Decor uses lacquer based, non toxic paints and stains, and non toxic powder coatings. All finishes are regularly tested for safety compliance by independent third party testing facilities accredited by the CPSC (consumer products safety commission).

Although we try very hard to ensure consistency, it is impossible for us to guarantee paint matching from one production to another. It is always best to purchase all items at the same time.

International Sales

Because laws and regulations are constantly changing, Bratt Decor cannot be held responsible for meeting safety standards outside of the United States. As an international client, you are forfeiting any legal recourse against Bratt Decor, Inc for any reason, including injury, death, or failure to meet international standards. We do not ship our cribs to Australia. For information on any specific crib, please contact us at

Yes we do. However, there are additional shipping charges and fees associated with international orders and each will be calculated on an individual basis. Also, not all of our collections may be available due to differing product standards within each country or region. To place an order or make an inquiry, email us at Include your name, address, email, due date and desired items for purchase. We will respond with your costs, estimated shipping time and shipping charges.

Each order is calculated on an individual basis. For specific information on an item or order, please email Include your name, address, email, due date and desired items for purchase. We will respond with your costs, estimated shipping time and shipping charges. However, there will be additional duties & taxes due upon delivery. You are responsible for paying these fees in full before receiving your goods.

Contact us at so we can assist you. If you ship your own goods, possession of product happens immediately after product leaves our warehouse. All costs associated with shipping and receipt of goods including but not limited to, shipping damage, customs clearances, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the client. Additionally, you assume all legal responsibility for importing products that does not meet your country's safety regulations. Bratt Decor cannot be held responsible in the event of injury or death.

In the event of damage or defect, Bratt Decor will supply replacement parts, if appropriate. To begin this process, click here. However, due to the exceptional cost of shipping, the replacements will be added to your next shipment rather than shipped separately. If you wish for a speedier receipt of replacement items, you will be financially responsible for shipping those items.

Yes, there will be additional duties and taxes due upon delivery. You are responsible for paying these fees in full before receiving your goods. Failure to do so may result in a forfeiture of your merchandise.  The shipping company should call prior to delivery to collect your country's individual duties and taxes.

Bratt Decor does not ship to international addresses that have specific legal standards relating to our product line where we have not tested and been approved.  


If your product has not yet shipped, we are happy to change your method of payment. Your new payment will have to clear before the previous payment is refunded or your product ships. Contact our accounting department at  for assistance.

We are happy to split your order payment amongst several forms of payment. Contact our sales department at for assistance.

Yes we do. Bratt Decor offers "buy now, pay later" via PayPal credit. Click here for more details, click here.  

Wire transfers can take up to two weeks to post to our bank account. Once received, payment will be promptly reflected on your order.

Refunds processed within 60 days of the original payment transaction will be processed onto the original credit card. Those processed after the initial 60 days will be disbursed via check.

In the event that this occurs, contact our accounting department at We will be able to search our payment processor for the missing payment and apply it accordingly.

Credit card payments that are older 60 days, exceed the refund time frame. These payments will be refunded via check to the billing address on file.

Refunds will be processed within 30 of order cancellation for unshipped orders. Refunds for returned items will be dispersed within 30 days of our receiving the merchandise, so long as the product is received in good condition as determined by Bratt Decor. Additional shipping and restocking fees may apply.

For domestic orders, Bratt Decor accepts, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. For international orders, all payments must be completed via bank wire transfer.

All international orders are prepaid via wire transfer. No product will ship prior to being paid in full.

Product Information

To get GCC information on your specific product, click here.

Yes. We offer a 30 day return on any item that does not meet your expectations. And, we offer a 1 year guarantee against all manufacturers defects on our Bratt Decor furniture. Custom ordered pieces may not be returned. All merchandise must be authorized by Bratt Decor and returned in its original packaging. Returns or exchanges will be charged the cost of shipping to and from your residence as well as a 10% restocking fee. Bratt Decor guarantees all merchandise against manufacturer defect, as described by Bratt Decor, for a period of one year from sale date. Sale date is defined as the date it leaves our warehouse. To schedule a return, click here.  You will receive a confirmation of your claim within 48 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation, assume we did not receive your claim, and email us at

For all of our current product line, the assembly instructions can be found online at Simply go to the products tab, find your product, and choose the "assembly" tab above the product description. Assembly videos are also available on our site for your convenience. For older products, click here

Use a soft cotton cloth dampened with water to remove dust as needed. Wipe dry. For more information, click here

To register your product, click here.  

Returns and Exchanges

In the unlikely event you wish to return your item, you have up to 30 days from date of receipt to make that claim. To begin the process, click here: We will respond with an emailed confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not receive an emailed response, check your spam folder. If you still do not receive a response, email us directly at You will receive a return authorization from us. Bratt Decor will not accept any returns that are not authorized by us.

Bratt Decor guarantees its furniture against manufacturer defect, as described by us,  for up to 1 year from date of receipt. If you have had your piece for 365 days or less, and you are experiencing a manufacturer defect, you may file a claim. To begin the claims process, click here.  We will respond with an emailed confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not receive an emailed response, check your spam folder. If you still do not receive a response, email us directly at

Contact us immediately and we will rectify our mistake as efficiently as possible. To begin the process, click here.  We will respond with an emailed confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not receive an emailed response, check your spam folder. If you still do not receive a response, email us directly at You will receive a return authorization from us. Bratt Decor will not accept any returns that are not authorized by us.

Bratt Decor allows returns up to 30 days from date of receipt. No returns will be accepted after 30 days of receipt.


Yes. All cribs sold in the United States need to meet or exceed current safety standards as outlined by the US Consumer Safety Commission, regardless of where they are produced.

Yes. From the initial conception stage of a design, safety is a primary consideration. Bratt Decor cribs are tested by CPSC approved independent testing facilities to ensure that they meet or exceed all standards as required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the standards of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Additionally, we do constant internal testing to ensure compliance to these standards. And, we are members in good standing of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. We've never had a recall.

It is not recommend to allow any draping inside of the crib or within baby's reach as it could be a strangulation hazard.

No. Bratt Decor has been making baby furnishings since 1995 and has never had a recall.

Our products are tested by independent, accredited laboratories, to the current US standards as outlined by the US Consumer Safety Commission. While we do not provide specific testing results, we do offer General Certificates of Conformity, but do meet or exceed all of the standards as outlined by the U.S Consumer Safety Commission. For a list of those standards, please visit To get GCC information on your specific product, click here.

When your baby reaches 15lbs or 3 months, whichever comes first, you should cease use of your cradle.

When a child is able to climb out or reaches the height of 35" (90cm), the crib shall no longer be used.

Yes, all of our paints are non toxic.

Yes. All of our cribs are tested and meet or exceed current safety standards. There is no difference in safety.  A common misconception is that wood is safer than metal because its a softer medium, but that has no affect on the safety of the crib.

No. The crib is not designed to be used without the front gate or toddler/day bed conversion kit and could collapse. The toddler/day bed conversion kit adds a stability bar that creates a safe environment for your child.

The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission has banned drop side gates. If you are using an older model crib, with a drop side gate it does not meet current safety regulations.

Phthalates are a family of chemicals that manufacturers add to certain plastic products during the manufacturing process, to prolong the flexibility of its products. Bratt Décor does not add phthalates to any of the products we produce. Bratt Decor ensures compliance of all CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) phthalates standards and stringently tests all of our components and finishes. Bratt Decor tests for phthalates on every production and all testing is done by a third party testing facility accredited by the CPSC (consumer products safety commission).

The CPSIA "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act" is a public law signed into affect by the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress on Aug. 14, 2008. It basically sets forth more stringent regulations and standards of children's consumer products.

The CPSC is the Consumer Products Safety Commission, which is an official government agency charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from consumer products.

Any mattress that doesn't fit properly your crib, can create an unsafe environment. Infants can suffocate in gaps between crib sides if your mattress is too small. All Bratt Decor mattresses are designed to fit our cribs perfectly.

The mattress height should be in its highest position for your newborn. When your child is able to sit up, lower to the middle position. When your child is able to pull to a standing position, set mattress to lowest position.

Like a new car, newly painted and constructed furniture can give off a smell. It should dissipate within a few days of being placed in a well ventilated room.


Bratt Decor strives constantly to maintain reasonable lead times. We produce our items overseas, and production times vary throughout the year. When you place your order, you will be given an estimated ship date. This lead-time is not guaranteed.

Yes. If you wish to pick up your order, rather than have it ship, you need to make those arrangements at time of order. Email: to begin that process and to schedule your pick up.

Yes. Email us at to change/update your shipping method. Note: all changes must be made prior to product leaving the warehouse.

For legal reasons, Bratt Decor cannot offer furniture assembly in most states. Customers living in parts of New Jersey/New York City and around the Baltimore/DC corridor are eligible for assembly .  You can request furniture assembly as in-home delivery plus an additional assembly fee in those areas. Requests for assembly must be emailed to Please reference your order number.

Email us at and we will assist you. Please note: you will be responsible for any additional fees associated with shipping, included but not limited to: accessorial fees, reconsignment fees, inside delivery, storage, additional services, etc.

We ship in a variety of ways, depending on the products being shipped. Smaller packages, and single cribs usually ship via Fedex, while larger furniture normally ships via a freight company. Finish samples, hardware, and fabric samples are all shipped via the USPS an can take between 7 to 14 days to arrive.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation from Bratt Decor with tracking information.

No. If you wish to have an in stock order held until a specified ship date, simply contact and we will assist you with your order directly.

Contact the company that originally called to schedule your delivery and reschedule. Bratt Decor stands ready to assist you, should you require it. Simply email us at and we will liason with the shipper to get you taken care of. Please note, delivery times and dates are set by these outside delivery companies, not Bratt Decor, and are subject to change by the third party shipping companies. Bratt Decor cannot be held responsible for changes or cancellations in delivery dates once the freight has been released from our warehouse.

Upon receipt, carefully inspect the cartons and if possible the product inside the cartons BEFORE signing the delivery receipt. If you see visible damage to the actual piece within the carton, REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. If you see carton damage or signs of carton abuse, ALWAYS note on the delivery receipt "CARTON DAMAGED, POSSIBLE INTERNAL DAMAGE", and report it to us immediately. You have up to 7 days to report any damage to Bratt Decor.  To begin your claim process, click here. We will respond with a written confirmation that your claim has been received and may request more information to better serve you. If you do not receive a written confirmation immediately check you spam folder, and if it is not there, please email us at as we may not have received your claim.

In stock items are placed in the ship list within 48 hours of receiving full payment. Once the items are in the ship list, delivery times vary based on the volume of shipping on any given day. While it is possible that items will take two weeks to leave the warehouse, typical ship times generally span from one to five business days.

We strive to inform you should ship dates vary more than 2 weeks but we do encourage you to check the status of your order regularly as well. We cannot be held financially responsible for changes in lead times.

To The Trade

Yes, we do. For more information on whole selling our line, click here, and we will be in contact.

Yes, we do. If you'd like more information on how to open an interior design account, click here, fill out the form, and we will get back to you with more information. 


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