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Chelsea Darling Featured on the Talking Walnut

May 2, 2013
Crown jewels of the nursery: Bratt Decor Chelsea Darling

In a few short months, the wait will be over. We’ll finally be able to “meet” Kate and William’s royal bundle of joy. As people around the world speculate on what name the couple will decide upon and who the godparents will be, our thoughts are focused on more “important” things: Like what stroller they’ll be using and what clothes the new babe will be dressed in. That being said, we turn our attention over to the royal nursery. If Kate just so happens to be one of our loyal readers (hey, don’t laugh; it could happen!), may we offer a suggestion? Bratt Decor’s Chelsea Darling line exudes an elegance like no other room decor we’ve seen. Not only does the antique silver finish on this collection make a unique statement, but its versatility extends the life beyond the diaper days. Once a baby outgrows the cradle, it can be converted into a generously sized crib and later toddler bed. Of course, we don’t expect the Royal Family to be short on space, but it’s nice to know these pieces won’t take up the entire space. That means plenty of room leftover for a fetching armoire and matching changing table. Oh, and that sweet baby, of course.

In a Nutshell: Nursery decor that’s fit for a king. Or princess-to-be. The Chelsea Darling will be available this summer.

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Written by: Pamela Brill


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