Celebrating the Journey
April 11, 2016
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I’m a girl all about the destination, and the journey is just a means to end. But, my sweet husband keeps reminding me life is in the journey. It’s a good lesson, and I’m trying to embrace the wisdom and treasure therein. In February, I began to create a Bratt Decor design center/retail space inside of our 120 year old warehouse in Baltimore. While I love the rustic bones of this old space, it’s anything but baby friendly. So, my design challenges were to create an open, airy space, in a space with NO natural light, and to try and lead the client through their own journey of possibilities.

Creating your baby’s nursery is a sacred task and I needed a space that would honor that. I included photos of my son, when he was a baby, to make the space true to my heart. We’re still at work on the design studio, where clients can sit down and customize bedding, chairs, etc. We can work with them individually and create mood/design boards so they can begin to see their dream nursery come to life. And, while we’re not finished, it's important to be in the moment and celebrate the little victories. So, here I am.

Soon, I’ll open this lovely little boutique up to the public with a fabulous party, and you all are invited!

With love,
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Mary Bauer
President; Bratt Decor
For me, the beauty and richness of life is a love story that centers around family. And family grows one beautiful, miraculous life at a time. Bratt Decor is my way of contributing, in a small way, to that story.