Do It Yourself Drama
August 8, 2016
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I’m often asked how you can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary on a budget. Many of our rooms have a typical 8’ ceiling and are basic boxes. Great designers know that if you want to give a room true style, you have to include texture, balance, a bit of drama, and dimension.

One of the greatest ways to add dimension, instant elegance, and drama to your nursery is by incorporating a fabulous canopy drape. Mount it close to the ceiling and suddenly your ceilings feel much taller. The fabric will frame whatever you put in front of it and add texture and volume to the wall, giving the whole room dimension and beauty.

It’s a great option for a crib, a cradle, or even a nursing nook. (Once your baby can grab at the drapes, be sure and move your crib a safe distance away, so they can’t pull curtains into their space. This could be a major safety hazard.)

This simple trick can be done relatively inexpensively with a simple mosquito net canopy or you can spend thousands on custom built-in canopies. For a middle of the road option that will give you a custom feel without the big budget, opt for crowns that match your furnishings and mount it yourself. Bratt Decor and many other baby furniture companies have crowns for the crib collections. Order extra fabric or drapes that match your nursery bedding collection to tie it all together in a way that feels far more expensive than it really is.

With love,
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Mary Bauer
President; Bratt Decor
For me, the beauty and richness of life is a love story that centers around family. And family grows one beautiful, miraculous life at a time. Bratt Decor is my way of contributing, in a small way, to that story.