ROAD TRIP: Inside a Beautiful Bratt Twins Nursery
March 16, 2016
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I seriously have the world’s greatest job. While my baby days are way behind me, I still love that time of life. I think it’s one of the sweetest of all and doing what I do, I get a peek into that magic everyday. Opening up our FB and IG and seeing your nursery photos seriously floods me with joy. And, when there’s a baby in the photo, forget it! I am undone. Plus, every once in awhile I get to roll up on one of your gorgeous babes and see it all in real life. These are my happiest days at work.

Brittany is the drop dead gorgeous mommy of twins, Sophia and Antonio, and her style is classic, timeless, and elegant. She worked directly with one of our designers at Bratt to get this beautiful look.

Brittany decided to put both babies in one room, so creating a space that would honor both genders rather than neutralizing them was the challenge. For the overall space she went with creams and metallic, but brought gender specificity to the individual cribs and crib spaces. The wallpaper is perfect for the nursery, because its temporary paper, which is basically peel and stick. When you want to change the look its fast, cheap, and easy.

Bratt’s Serafina Bedding Collection allows you to customize colors so this worked perfectly for helping to achieve that goal.

A chandelier dropped in the center of the vaulted ceiling helps gives a focal point to the entire space.

Watch out beautiful bratts everywhere. I may be visiting you next.

With love,
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Mary Bauer
President; Bratt Decor
For me, the beauty and richness of life is a love story that centers around family. And family grows one beautiful, miraculous life at a time. Bratt Decor is my way of contributing, in a small way, to that story.