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Style Watch: How To Create Easy Elegance In The Nursery

Fall 2014
Style Watch: How To Create Easy Elegance In The Nursery

Elegance is defined as: the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style. Mary Bauer, President and style maker of Bratt Decor, unpacks the mystery of creating your very own perfect, elegant nursery.

Ms. Bauer advises to take your time and do research before you buy anything. Pinterest is a great place to start. Decide exactly how you want your room to feel and to function. Elegance in décor is achieved by combining the right balance of color, objects, light and texture.

A primary consideration in any room design, is the size of the space. That will dictate many of your decisions. If your room is average size, you’re in good shape and there are lots of choices and options to work with. Extraordinary sized rooms, either large or small, require additional considerations.

Often in big spaces, the challenge is creating intimacy and warmth. A bigger space can handle darker colors, and you want to have plush floor coverings to keep sound to a minimum. Also, floor to ceiling window treatments are great in large spaces. The texture and color take up visual space, which makes the room feel more cozy. Smaller spaces do best with fewer objects, lighter walls, and lots of light. Also, reflective objects like large mirrors, or mirrored furnishings help reflect light and make the space feel larger. Avoid the common mistake of using super small-scale furnishings, which only emphasize the idea of “small”. Rather selectively choose the must haves: a crib, a dresser that doubles as a changer, and a nursing chair, then leave the filler décor objects out.

The next major consideration is budget. Luxurious looks don’t have to cost a fortune. There are tons of DIY elegance out there, everything from wall stencils and shelving, to artwork and mobiles. Splurge on the crib, which is where your baby will spend the most time away from you. It’s important to get something which meets current safety standards. Also, because the crib is the primary piece in the room it will set the tone for your décor. A beautiful crib will make everything else look great.

Elegance takes many shapes and forms. It’s timeless, so avoid trendy concepts. Neutral colors like, whites, linens and grays are always good. Of course, pops of color add fun and whimsy, and should absolutely be incorporated, but in small doses.

Written by: Mary Bauer


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