Not knowing does not mean not nesting!
September 8, 2016
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White, Black, and Gray, oh my!
The hottest colors in today’s baby furniture are black and gray. Have fun with these colors to create a nursery that defies tradition. White is the quintessential neutral and will always be a nursery favorite.

We’re not finding out
Using neutral color pallets like grays, creams, beiges and metallics means your nursery can be everything from sweet to contemporary to over the top opulent without obvious gender specificity. If you want to make the space more personal once the baby arrives, add in gender specific touches, like sheets, night lights, and toys.

Then there’s art
Believe it or not, yes, transportation and sports are generally found in little boy nurseries, while ballerinas and flowers grace the space of our princesses. However, there are very cool art statements that work for everyone, think animals, word art, and monograms.

Thinking About Next Time
If you’re planning on having more than 1 child, a neutral nursery can save big bucks! Keep the expensive pieces, like furnishings and window treatments in place, and play with more affordable decor options for baby #2. By updating things like bedding and paint, you can really transform a space without breaking the bank.

With love,
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Mary Bauer
President; Bratt Decor
For me, the beauty and richness of life is a love story that centers around family. And family grows one beautiful, miraculous life at a time. Bratt Decor is my way of contributing, in a small way, to that story.