The perfect girl nursery
August 24, 2016
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Though she be but little, she is fierce.
Girl's nurseries have come a long way, and it's really not a one size fits all. Here are 4 great ways to add just the right level of feminine beauty to your little princess's space.

Pink is always appropriate
If that's the color you love, have fun with it. Go small with pink accents on bedding and artwork. Or go big and wallpaper or paint your entire space. Play around with shades of pink. Blush is a more sophisticated tone, while pale pink adds a sweetness. If you want to convey a slightly more neutral energy but still want some color, opt for violet or lavender.

Texture adds softness
If you don't want to do a traditional look and simply refuse to use pink, consider texture to add softness and and beauty. A plush sheepskin rug or silk bedding will bring in subtle notes of luxury and femininity.

Add some bling
A chandelier dripping in crystals, glitzy drawer pulls, metallic wallpapers, and an ornate mirror all bring in the bling. Use this design element sparingly, because when it comes to bling, less is more!

Consider feminine themes
Floral themes are a wonderful way to add a feminine touch. There are so many wonderful ways to do that, from wallpapers, to bedding, to artwork.

With love,
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Mary Bauer
President; Bratt Decor
For me, the beauty and richness of life is a love story that centers around family. And family grows one beautiful, miraculous life at a time. Bratt Decor is my way of contributing, in a small way, to that story.