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tips and advice from the ultimate style maker
Balance is the key for any successful interior, so make sure there's a balance of textures, objects and colors. Consider the size of your room and take measurements before purchasing. Also, if your nursery is on a second floor, measure the clearances on the stairs to make sure larger pieces will fit. If your room is small, don't make the mistake of using only diminutive items. Use fewer pieces, but make them substantial and the room will appear larger. Lighting is mood, so, where possible add dimmers. When creating custom window treatments, it's important to measure correctly (multiply the window size by 2.5 for width) and mount the hardware as close to the ceiling as possible for a more dramatic look. Walls are the largest surface in the room so they occupy the most visual space. We highly recommend creating a design board with our custom app to see how your ideas will work together. See all of your choices there first, where changes can be made fast and free!

Remember, a successfully designed interior is one that achieves your set-upon objective. Think about how your want the room to feel and how it will be used. Make choices that speak to that vision.
Sweet Dreams,
Mary Bauer
President, Bratt Decor
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